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Call upon Tazreen brands to deliver the goods March 2013
Outline of trade union rights violations at PT SC Enterprises January 2013
Supplier of Original Marines targets CCC supporters instead of improving working conditions January 2013
Two months after Tazreen: still no money January 2013
Demand justice for the victims of the Tazreen fire December 2012
Tazreen fire: What brands should do, and their responses so far December 2012
Call on Original Marines: stop intimidation of union members December 2012
Aslam Hidayet, ex-worker Kizone factory: 'Adidas deceives us' December 2012
Trade unions and labour groups’ demands to buyers from Tazreen Fashions December 2012
Dismissed Mölnlycke workers continue their struggle November 2012
Protest against Esprit spreads around the globe November 2012
Join our global Week of Action against adidas! November 2012
Esprit and Li & Fung leave Hey Tekstil workers hanging November 2012
Call on Gap to protect Bangladeshi workers' lives October 2012
Statement Regarding Gap’s Refusal to Agree to a Fire Safety Program in Bangladesh October 2012
Urge KIK to identify buyers and pay compensation to Pakistan fire victims October 2012
Adidas 'humanitarian aid' gives cold shoulder to Kizone workers October 2012
Day 230 in the picket line: Esprit involved in Hey Tekstil severance case October 2012
Hey Tekstil workers: Irfan Edemci and Yüksel Bayraktar on behalf of his wife Necmiye October 2012
US university dumps adidas: first-ever contract loss over sweatshop abuse September 2012
Kizone action goes global! September 2012
Free Somyot! Freedom of speech is not a crime. September 2012
Insulting offer of adidas food vouchers rejected by workers July 2012
PT Kizone update 15th June 2012 June 2012
Hey Tekstil campaign in Turkish June 2012
Hong Kong company Li & Fung refuses to pay workers June 2012
Background on Hey Tekstil, Turkey June 2012
Adidas, step up your game on workers' rights! May 2012
Background on PT Kizone, Indonesia May 2012
Take Action - Stop the court case against Malaysian Human Rights Defender Charles Hector August 2011
Free Somyot: Urgent message to the new Thai government before July 24 July 2011
Viva Global: negotiations break down after violence erupts again. July 2011
Migrant workers' advocate still facing trial June 2011
More pressure needed to release Thai Human Rights activist June 2011
Trial against Bangladeshi labour rights advocates approaches May 2011
Viva Global workers reach agreement May 2011
Thai human rights activist imprisoned for second time May 2011
Hitachi Supplier sues Malaysian Labour Rights Activist April 2011
Stop the Killer Jeans! February 2011
Over 300 Striking Garment Workers Still Victimised January 2011
Cambodian Trade Union Leader Arrested December 2010
Abercrombie & Fitch and Target workers end their struggle despite poor results. December 2010
Bangladesh Labour Activists Released September 2010
Kidnapped Union Leader Released August 2010
Bangladesh labour leaders fearing for physical safety August 2010
Bangladesh Labour Organisation Harassed by Government July 2010
US Brands on the Spot over Factory Closure in Cambodia July 2010
Trade Union Harassment Continues at Prada Supplier June 2010
Compensation Bangladeshi Fire Victims Inadequate June 2010
adidas: Stop Wearing Us Out! June 2010
Thai Labour Activist Somyot Pruksakasemsuk Released June 2010
Thai Labour Advocate arrested June 2010
Indonesian Garment Workers Win Back Their Rights After Lengthy Campaign May 2010
Filipino Triumph Workers Violently Evicted from Picket May 2010
Update about the 10 months protest of dismissed Triumph workers in the Philippines and Thailand. April 2010
Filipino Triumph Workers Fight Eviction of Picket April 2010
Laggard clothing brands still evade their responsibilities April 2010
Garib Fire Survivors Call for Justice and a Safe Industry March 2010
21 Workers Die at Bangladeshi Factory Fire March 2010
Progress after talks with Tommy Hilfiger February 2010
Philippines Prosecution Drops Case Against Activists December 2009
Victory for Workers in Turkey: DESA and Deri Is Union Sign Protocol September 2009
Leaders of Peaceful Protest Against Triumph Threatened with Arrest September 2009
Triumph Dismissals in Asia Attempt to Get Rid of Unions July 2009
Luxury Fashion Brands Leave Indonesian Workers in the Cold June 2009
Pierre Cardin: Not So Chic Underneath June 2009
IKEA and Household Retailers Abet Union Busting at Turkish Supplier May 2009
Mulberry - Responding to Campaigners May 2009
Despite Workers' Supreme Court Victory, DESA Renews Threats May 2009
Luxury Brands Drag Their Feet, DESA Workers Fight for Their Lives April 2009
Philippines: More Legal Harassment of Labour Activists April 2009
Prada: The Real Price of Luxury? March 2009
Philippine Labour Rights Lawyer Faces New Round of False Charges March 2009
New Jobs for Unfairly Dismissed Union Leaders in Indonesia! February 2009
DESA: More Talk, Still No Action February 2009
Serious Doubts about Fairness Trial in Attack on Chinese Worker Advocate January 2009
Fair and Open Trial Needed in Attack on Chinese Worker Advocate January 2009
More Action Needed to Protect Philippine Labour Organisers December 2008
DESA APPEAL, Working Conditions November 2008
Desa Appeal, A Worker's Story: Emine Arslan November 2008
Turkey: A Union is a Right - Not a Luxury November 2008
Triumph Union Continues Fight for Fairness November 2008
Philippine Labor Lawyer Held on Trumped up Charges October 2008
Triumph International Union Leader Must Wait for Retrial of Freedom of Expression Case September 2008
Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger Supplier Sacks 19 Workers for Organising Against Sex Discrimination. September 2008
Tell Triumph that Fashion Requires Freedom: Reinstate Thai Union President Now! August 2008
Pakistani Police Attack Peaceful Demonstration at Naveena Textile August 2008
Repression of Workers Continues Under Bangladesh's Military-Backed Government August 2008
DGZ Migrant Worker Centre Reopens July 2008
Euro 2008 Supplier Gets Red Card for Workers' Rights June 2008
Call on adidas to Improve its Performance in Indonesia, Re-Employ Mistreated Workers April 2008
Tell Chinese Officials: Release Innocent Workers, Bring Corrupt Owner to Justice March 2008
Settlement Reached by A-One Factory Workers in Bangladesh February 2008
Demand Release of Factory Investigator in Bangladesh January 2008
Message to Adidas: Dismissed Workers Deserve New Jobs! January 2008
Tell Kings Land that Union Rights are Human Rights January 2008
FFI 'CASE CLOSED' January 2008
Call on Chinese Authorities to Stop the Violence against Migrant Worker Centre December 2007
Call on G-Star to Ensure a Fair Deal for FFI Workers December 2007
G-Star: Stop Being A Gag-star! December 2007
Indian court issues international arrest warrants for Dutch labour activists December 2007
'GAG STAR' action during biggest ever anti-sweatshop meeting in Bangkok November 2007
Call to the Indian Prime Minister: Stop Harassment of CCC Human Rights Defenders November 2007
Update FFI: Garment factory continues to sue its critics September 2007
No Response from FILA July 2007
METRACO: Union-busting in Turkey July 2007
Workers Successfully Negotiate Settlement at BJ&B May 2007
Appeals Court Upholds Convictions in Chea Vichea Murder Case May 2007
Continuous Call for Action to lift restraining order imposed by Fibres & Fabrics International May 2007
Spectrum Workers Receive First Payments from Compensation Fund April 2007
Philippines: violence against workers continues April 2007
Sportswear workers in the Dominican Republic need your support March 2007
Cambodian Trade Union Leader Murdered March 2007
Intimidation of trade unionists in Sri Lanka March 2007
Agreement Reached in Paxar Case February 2007
Justice Still Needed in Chea Vichea Murder Case February 2007
Fibres & Fabrics: Indian Labour Organisations Still Gagged January 2007
Fibres & Fabrics: Labour Organisations still gagged January 2007
Hermosa: emergency fund set up and new action request January 2007
Drop off a Letter to Wal-Mart This Week December 2006
Clover group reaches settlement with Gina Form Bra factory workers November 2006
Stop Violence Against Philippine Garment Workers November 2006
Condemn government repression against fundamental trade union rights in South Korea November 2006
Gina Form Bra closed down: action needed today! October 2006
Keep Gina Form Open! October 2006
How low can you go? September 2006
Gag Order Placed on Indian Labour Support Organisations August 2006
Paxar: Negotiations come to a standstill August 2006
Hermosa: Further Action Needed. August 2006
What are CCC Urgent Appeals? August 2006
Aim for September Start Up of Spectrum Relief Scheme July 2006
A-One factory closed - action still needed June 2006
Publicis Thailand Drops Suit Against TLC Coordinator! June 2006
Settlement reached in Cote Sud case June 2006
Rights of Turkish Garment Workers Brazenly Violated by Transnational Paxar June 2006
Adidas: Demand reinstatement for dismissed union leaders at your Indonesian supplier! June 2006
Large scale workers protest in Bangladesh - Union officials arrested May 2006
Hermosa workers in El Salvador still demand payment! May 2006
Support the illegally dismissed worker Nisa in Madagascar May 2006
Thai Branch of PR Multinational Sues Thai Labour Campaign Coordinator May 2006
Union leaders bangladesh released May 2006
Update Bangladeshi garmentworkers protests May 2006
Spectrum disaster - One Year After the Collapse April 2006
Progress and Continuing Threats in Martin Barrios Case April 2006
Mexican Labour Rights Activist Martin Barrios Receives Death Threats March 2006
Salvadorian Hermosa workers need your support! March 2006
Workers from collapsed factory waiting for compensation fund March 2006
Justice for Bangladesh workers March 2006
Unjustly Imprisoned Human Rights Activist Needs Your Support January 2006
Mexican Activist Martin Barrios Released! January 2006
Spectrum-Shahriyar workers' demands still outstanding December 2005
Contract Signed at the CODEVI Free Trade Zone December 2005
Update and action request PT Busana Prima Global September 2005
Workers Reinstated at PT Sarasa Balaraja August 2005
Fired Codevi workers sign historic agreement - Insufficient work at factory April 2005
FLA Recognizes Action Taken by Gildan; Still More to be Done December 2004
Update Misco Supermarket fire Bangladesh December 2004
Translation of the Sarasa agreement November 2004
Settlement reached in PT Sarasa case November 2004
Put more pressure Gildan! November 2004
Gildan El Progreso shuts down, urgent action needed October 2004
Your help is needed NOW to get the Haitian Codevi workers their jobs back! July 2004
Tell Gildan Activewear: Don't Cut and Run July 2004
Gildan given 90 days to comply with the Fair Labor Associations standards July 2004
More action needed on Workwear case June 2004
9 Dead and 50 Wounded in Garment Factory Tragedy Bangladesh June 2004
Demand reinstatement for Indonesian Polo Ralph Lauren workers! June 2004
Urgent action to support Haitian garment workers June 2004
Jaqalanka dispute Settlement Process June 2004
Push BGMEA for action in death of Bangladesh workers June 2004
Update on PT Busana Prima Global case May 2004
Take action to support Indian textile workers March 2004
Update on Barrios case March 2004
Protest murder of Cambodian union leader February 2004
Good news!! PT Kahatex Sweater workers re-employed February 2004
Urgent action alert: Mexican Labour Rights Activist Attacked and Brutally Beaten January 2004
PT Kahatex: Update and Urgent Action request December 2003
but More Pressure Needed November 2003
Jaqalanka - Dispute Remains at Critical Stage October 2003
and the 37 union members who were October 2003
Update: PT Kahatex, Indonesia: October 2003
secondary targets Tarrant appeal October 2003
Second appeal for Action: Tarrant Mexico - Ajalpan October 2003
Memorandum of settlement between the FTZWU and Jaqalanka Ltd October 2003
Union recognition at Jaqalanka!! October 2003
Appeal for Action: Tarrant Mexico Ajalpan September 2003
Legal Analysis of PT Kahatex Sweater Division Case September 2003
More Action Needed on PT Kahatex Case! August 2003
More Action Needed for Jaqalanka Workers August 2003
Death Threats to Jaqalanka Union Supporters August 2003
Victory at Gina Form! July 2003
Urgent Request to Support Jaqalanka Workers July 2003
Jaqalanka Union Fails to Win Recognition July 2003
Appeal for action: PT Busana Prima Global July 2003
Urgent Action to End PT Kahatex Lockout July 2003
Update on Gina Form Bra Company June 2003
Timeline of Events in Jaqalanka Ltd Dispute June 2003
Action at International Shoe Agency in London because of Agra (India) factory fire May 2003
Update and Request for Action on Kenya EPZ Layoffs April 2003
Indonesian union demands employer pay wages April 2003
Support Kenyan Garment Workers March 2003
More action needed in North Sails case March 2003
Clean Clothes Campaign letter to WRAP concern March 2003
Union leader Somboon reinstated!! Action still needed on Gina Form Bra factory March 2003
Gina Form case - Letter sent by the American Solidarity Centre, Bangkok to Ministry of Labour March 2003
Action Alert! Help Us Pressure Levi's to Settle the Lawsuit! March 2003
Update on Matamoros garment case February 2003
negative result from PUMA investigation at Matamaros February 2003
Brylane and UNITE Reach Agreement January 2003
Bed and Bath workers shave their head at the Ministry of Labour. January 2003
Support striking Puma workers in Mexico January 2003
Brylane Workers Have Won Their Struggle to Organize with UNITE! January 2003
Partial Victory Gained by the Bed & Bath Workers! January 2003
Appeal for action: Bed & Bath, Thailand December 2002
Appeal for Action: North Sails, Sri Lanka December 2002
Please support the Bed and Bath workers! December 2002
Defendants (Except Levi's) Settle Saipan Suit September 2002
Samsonite - Light House case settled September 2002
Sri Lanka Update September 2002
Appeal for action: Nike/PT Doson September 2002
support Indonesian workers opposing labour laws September 2002
Thai National Commission on Human Rights Report on the GINA Form Bra Co. Ltd Labor Dispute September 2002
Thanks from Light House workers union and supporters September 2002
Agra case sample letters August 2002
Tainan campaign suspended August 2002
Justice for Thai Samsonite workers! August 2002
Exposed for sweatshop abuses and union-busting, gucci parent company tries to cut-and-run August 2002
Indonesian Protestors Shot During Labor Rally August 2002
Additional Info on the Shree Jee Fire July 2002
Clean Clothes response to PPR letter denying allegations of anti-union behavior at Brylane July 2002
Samoa Garment Workers Win Class-Action Lawsuit July 2002
Top British designers Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen urged to tell parent company to ‘smarten up’ June 2002
Fire Kills at Least 42 Workers in Shoe Factory in India June 2002
OSHA investigation to dangerous and hazardous working conditions at PPR's Brylane facility June 2002
Unions Worldwide Charge PPR With Violating Internationally-Recognized Corporate Responsibility Standards June 2002
Report on the Working Conditions of Soccer and Football Workers in Mainland China May 2002
Action request for Tainan, El Salvador May 2002
Tainan Enterprises has a European connection May 2002
"Irresponsible" FIFA profiting from labour abuse and exploitation May 2002
Appeal Brylane and Pinault-Printemps-La redoute April 2002
Update on the Saipan Lawsuit and GAP Campaign February 2002
Sample protestletter for Sri-lankan Minister of Labor and Employment January 2002
Sample Protest Letter for Sri Lankan President January 2002
Update on Freedom of Association Campaign in the FTZs of Sri Lanka January 2002
Global Union Calls for Release of Chowdhury Campaigner January 2002
Update on Bangladesh garment factory fire that killed 24 October 2001
Kukdong Workers Win Independent Union - & Continued Support for Mex Mode Workers September 2001
Adidas worker Ngadinah found not guilty September 2001
Campaign to support the Free Trade Zone Workers Union of Sri Lanka September 2001
Brutal Murder of Bangladesh Trade Union Activist August 2001
Help needed for fired union activist in Indonesia August 2001
Strike in Bangladesh garment industry July 2001
Victory for Ladybird workers!! July 2001
Unresolved issues at Ladybird July 2001
Union supporters placed under siege in garment factories that produce for Liz Claiborne July 2001
Jacarta post - Probation sentence sought for adidas worker Ngadinah July 2001
Super Knitting workers locked out (Lesotho) June 2001
Garment Factory Strike in the Philippines June 2001
Update on the Kukdong case June 2001
Update on Ladybird situation - Thailand June 2001
One year of the Strike of Thai Durable Workers June 2001
Update and action request on Ngadinah case May 2001
Support union at Ladybird, Thailand May 2001
Statement from Ngadinah Binti Abu Mawardi. May 2001
Update on Ladybird situation - Thailand May 2001
Violence at KukDong May 2001
Unions and the Chentex Factory in Nicaragua! April 2001
Solidarity for PT Panarub worker producing for adidas in Indonesia April 2001
Response from Adidas to our protest letters on the Panarub case April 2001
Message from Tim Conor (NikeWatch) to adidas on the Panarub case April 2001
Panarub case update Message from SISBIKUM April 2001
Kuk Dong update March 2001
Urgent assistance needed earthquake India February 2001
Troubled Garment Factory on American Samoa Shuts Down Leaving Workers Stranded without Work or Food February 2001
A report from United Students Against Sweatshops on action taken by the FROC CROC union (Kuk Dong Mexico) February 2001
The Verite report on Kuk Dong February 2001
Update at Kuk Dong: 70 Workers Not Allowed to Return to their Jobs February 2001
Nike workers on strike in Mexico January 2001
Kimi Honduras update January 2001
Update on the appeal against proposed government changes to the labour laws of Sri Lanka January 2001
Striking workers assaulted at Nike factory January 2001
Thai Krieng Durable Textile Workers are still protesting at the Ministry of Labour January 2001
Fruit of the loom condemned for 'disgraceful behaviour' in three continents January 2001
Update on Kukdong case January 2001
The report from Arturo Alcald Justiniani on conditions at Kuk Dong Mexico January 2001
YOO YANG WINS LEGAL RECOGNITION! - Campaign for a contract begins December 2000
Update on Thai Iryo and Thai Krieng October 2000
Victory of Thai Iryo and Thai Iryo Garment workers!! October 2000
Thailand - More than 500 women workers are holding a permanent protest at Government House September 2000
Thai Durable Textile Workers' still on strike September 2000
Urgent appeal for British-Thai Synthetic Textile workers June 2000
Victory for Los Angeles sweatshop workers! May 2000
Accord Signed in Chentex case! May 2000
Maquila workers ask for your support March 2000
NED Yoo Yang union denied legal recognition March 2000
Request to take action, Union-busting in Nicarag February 2000
Sign on letter for Los Angeles sweatshop workers January 2000
Request for action: PT Kaji Sangyo January 2000
14 activists arrested at GAP Headquarters January 2000
Update on fired Doall workers, producing for Liz Claiborne and other U.S. brands, in El Salvador December 1999
Gina November 1999
PT Busana Prima Global 0z November 1999
Par garment overview November 1999
5 more companies settle Saipan lawsuit October 1999
Urgent request pt aneka garmentama case! October 1999
Some demands won at German leather-manufacturer Splendid in Thailand because of international protest October 1999
Request for support from Joint Association of Workers and Workers Councils of the FTZs of Sri Lanka and TIE-Asia. September 1999
Case of fired Union leaders at Chih Hsing - Nicaragua August 1999
Sweatshop conditions and labor abuses & The GAP Incorporated July 1999
Solidarity request from Solidarity request from the labour of PT. Aneka July 1999
Protestletter:Sweatshop conditions and labor abuses & The GAP Incorporated July 1999
An appeal for sweatshop workers for Disney in Macau June 1999
PT Tae Yung Indonesia is denying its employ June 1999

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