Rifit BibiRifit Bibi, 33, mother of four, lost her husband Muhammad Asghar Khan, in the Ali enterprises fire. "I still remember the day when he left home in the morning and never came back and no one can understand the pain of a young widow," she said. Noor Khatam Khan, Muhammad Asghar Khan's father, got an attack when he heard of the news of his son's death and since then he is suffering with left limb paralysis and can't speak. He is not able to walk and needs someone to support him to move from one place to another. Rifit Bibi: "I get a tiny amount of 5000PKR as a pension, which is not sufficient to buy food for my children and medicine for my father in law. Life has become miserable since my husband died," she said.

Noor Nahar

Noor Nahar, 48, is the mother of Shafi Ul Islam, a young worker that died in the fire. "My son was my universe and also he was main earner of my family. After his death, I die every day, I will never forget him for my entire life," she said. Her daughther Khadija, 14, is worried of her future, as in her community, parents need to arrange huge dowry to get their daughter married. Noor Nahar and her husband Shams Ul Islam now raise their son's child Muhammad Suhail.

Ramzan Ali is 55 years old and a father of two sons. One of his sons died at 19 in the Ali enterprises factory fire and his other son, who was 20 at the time, survived. His nephew, also 19 years old, died in the Ali enterprises factory fire as well. In 2015, Ramzan Ali's brother Din Mohammed died at 65 years of age because of the tragic loss of his son. He says the trauma is too big in these families. His deceized son Mohammed Rahil Khan was operator earning around 30,000.00 PKR. His survived son went through mental trauma and cries when entering a factory. He is only now starting to work again. Since two months he works in a local tailor shop. Not in a factory. Ramzan has two daughters who could not get married because they do not have enough money.

Riaz Pari, 67, and Najeef Shah, 71, lost their son Ubidullah in the fire. "I always thought that he will support me when I will be old, but when I am old, he died," said Najeef. "After the death of my young son, life has become so dark," said Riaz Pari: "I have permanent abdominal pain and I need medicine on regular basis, but I can't afford to buy the medicine, as only our youngest son Abduallah is living with us and he too is a laborer and earns not even enough for food and utilities".

Husana (32) lost her husband Mohammed Waseem (45) who was in charge of the cutting area. He earned around 35,000PKR. They have 3 children. They go to school. Husana is stitching at home to earn an income. Her brother in-law helps the family. Her father-in-law died due to after-shock of his son's death in the Ali enterprises fire. Before the fire they had a better life and now the children are growing with more needs, so times are difficult for them.

Safia Bibi is 55years old. Her son Shafqat Mehmood who worked in Ali Enterprises on a special folding machine  died in the fire when he was 24. He earned 38,000.00PKR. She has another son and a daughter who is not married because there is no money. Safia's knees are stiff because of neurological problems. She has no money to go to the doctor.

Shahida Parveen, 37 year old, is the mother of three young sons. Her husband, Muhammad Akmal was working as labor supervisor in Ali Enterprises and died in the fire. "It is very difficult sometimes to feed my children as I have no any source of earning," she said. "When my children found out that their father, died in a fire that broke out in a factory, they are afraid to work in any factory, as they now believe that every factory will burn down. Therefore, they want to work in offices, for which they need quality education, but I don't have enough money to afford their education," said Shahida Parveen.