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Give adidas the boot! Join the Footlocker day of action 22 April April 2013
Historic win for Cambodian workers. March 2013
Clean Clothes Campaign is moving! February 2013
H&M dismisses call-for-help Kingsland workers February 2013
Workers left homeless and unpaid after factory closure January 2013
Final push to free Somyot December 2012
Court hearing Somyot 19th December: an update December 2012
Vigils at European C&A stores for justice Tazreen fire victims December 2012
Sean Combs’ ENYCE labels found in Bangladesh factory fire November 2012
Bangladesh factory fire: brands accused of criminal negligence. November 2012
Human Rights Trial on Garment Industry Concludes November 2012
India: Human Rights trial hears fashion worker woes November 2012
Indian Garment industry to receive human rights trial November 2012
In Memoriam Korshed Alam, August 18, 1966 - November 17, 2012 November 2012
Books and plastic replicas of prison food: a visit to Somyot November 2012
Global protest swamps adidas’ Facebook page November 2012
Esprit and Li&Fung target of international street actions November 2012
Brands and management fail to resolve Bratex dispute October 2012
Large public procurer in Norway publicly supports dismissed Thai workers October 2012
Pakistan fire victims producing for German low-cost retailer KIK September 2012
Global brands should ensure garment worker safety September 2012
Don't blame the whistle-blower: Mirrai responsible for loss of orders August 2012
Statement CCC on Bangladesh June 2012
First time victory: Migrant workers receive minimum wage in Thailand June 2012
Bangladeshi labor rights activist tortured and murdered April 2012
Agreement reached with PVH on safety in Bangladeshi garment factories March 2012
Stop Wage Theft Campaign March 2012
Updates from the Somyot trial in Thailand January 2012
Just Pay it: Wage compensation for Indonesian Nike workers January 2012
That's It Sportswear fire: one year on workers still dying in unsafe buildings December 2011
Armani bans sandblasted jeans but Dolce and Gabbana STILL ignore the call September 2011
Malaysian migrant workers' advocate pressured to accept settlement with electronics company September 2011
Pressure builds on Dolce & Gabbana to ban sandblasting August 2011
Somyot charged under Thai lese majeste law July 2011
Versace announces it will join the global ban on sandblasting July 2011
Versace deletes Facebook protests on sandblasting July 2011
Sous Chantha released but contrived criminal charges upheld June 2011
Sous Chantha – Imprisoned labour leader from Cambodia due in trial June 2011
Further action for Somyot! June 2011
Historic pact strengthens sportswear workers union rights June 2011
Spectrum Relief Scheme finally completed May 2011
April 11: 6th anniversary of the Spectrum collapse April 2011
Play Fair Campaign launches in Brazil ahead of 2014. April 2011
Wage increases in Cambodia! March 2011
Freedom Balloons February 2011
Update Cambodian Strike December 2010
At least 28 more garment workers die in Bangladeshi factory fire December 2010
Killer Jeans - Manifesto to end sandblasting November 2010
Cambodia wages strike: Sacked workers still waiting for justice November 2010
Speaker Tour: Exploited by LIDL - Working for a Discount Wage November 2010
Threads #29 - Unrest in Asia November 2010
Over 200 Cambodian trade union leaders suspended or illegally dismissed after mass strike ends September 2010
Garment Workers In Cambodia On Strike September 2010
Cambodia Garment Workers on Strike September 2010
Nike pays $1.5 million to relief fund for laid-off workers July 2010
Lidl Retracts Claims of Fair Working Conditions April 2010
Action for safe factories in Bangladesh on 5th anniversary of Spectrum disaster April 2010
Finnish Clean Clothes Campaign Launched March 2010
Clean Clothes Campaign Launched in Poland December 2009
Victory for Workers Russell Athletic in Honduras November 2009
Threads #28 - Living wage October 2009
Triumph Workers Sew ‘Protest’ Panties October 2009
Outdoor Companies: No ‘Peak’ Performance October 2009
Belgian CCCs Point the Way to a Clean T-Shirt October 2009
Rumana’s ‘Sweatsoap’ Blog October 2009
Asia Floor Wage Campaign Takes Off October 2009
Action Week Focuses on Living Wage October 2009
Partner profile - Amirul Haque Amin October 2009
FTZGSEU Commemorates World Day of Decent Work October 2009
ILO Mission Visits Philippines October 2009
Guest Column - Jeremy Blasi October 2009
Clean Clothes Campaign Hails Victory for Workers in Turkey September 2009
UNI Reports Reveal Problems with Tesco's Labour Practices Abroad July 2009
Outdoor Brands: No Role Model on Corporate Social Responsibility July 2009
Wimbledon Outfitter Leaves Factory Workers in the Cold June 2009
Threads #27 - CCCs in Action June 2009
Norway Focuses on Living Wage May 2009
Swedish Footwear Industry Lags Behind May 2009
Garment Workers on the Move May 2009
Partner profile - Bilge Seckin May 2009
June Hartley May 2009
CCC on the Bookshelf May 2009
532 runners for fair working conditions April 2009
Fourth Anniversary of Spectrum Factory Collapse in Bangladesh April 2009
Threads #26 - Job Security March 2009
Turkish Workers Tour Europe to Tell of Repression at Prada Suppliers March 2009
Clean Clothes Campaign Calls for Justice in Attack on Chinese Worker Advocate February 2009
Giant Retailers Cashing in on Poverty Wages February 2009
Update on Mink Tekstil - UEFA and IPM Deny Responsibility February 2009
Good News: Release of Born Samnang and Sok Samoeun January 2009
Thai Labour Court Gives Triumph Factory the Green Light to Violate Human Rights November 2008
Triumph International Union Leader and Thai Labour Activist to Tour Europe to Press for Workers' Rights September 2008
Indian Play Fair 2008 Supporters Host Workers' Organizers Exchange August 2008
Thousands mobilized at Esperanzah! festival, Belgium August 2008
Olympics: IOC Inaction on Labour Rights Shameful August 2008
Play Fair Activities Across Spain in July August 2008
CCC Calls on Primark to Take Positive Action for Home Workers and Children June 2008
Clean Clothes Newsletter 25 May 2008
Bangladesh's State of Emergency and Its Impact on Labour Rights April 2008
Third anniversary Spectrum factory collapse April 2008
"Alternative" or "Ethical" Clothes April 2008
Clean Clothes Campaign Calls for Immediate Release of Labor Investigator January 2008
Indian court cases against Dutch and Indian organisations withdrawn January 2008
Clean Clothes Campaign Calls for Justice on Anniversary of Labor Leader's Murder January 2008
Activists Across the Globe Call on G-Star to Give Workers A Fair Deal December 2007
European Parliament expresses concern about about FFI case December 2007
The Clean Clothes Responds to G-Star's Withdrawal from FFI/JKPL December 2007
ITUC: India: Government Supports Employer in Cover-up of Worker Rights Abuses November 2007
Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) and India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) falsely accused October 2007
India: Warrant of arrest for Dutch labour rights activists October 2007
Amnesty International on India court case against CCC October 2007
Clean Clothes newsletter 24 October 2007
New Resources - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.24 October 2007
In Brief - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.24 October 2007
Urgent Appeals - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.24 October 2007
Future Fashion Trend: Ethical! - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.24 October 2007
Beijing Olympics Here we come - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.24 October 2007
We are not machines; but they want us to be October 2007
Inside National CCC: United Kingdom - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.24 October 2007
Frequently Asked Questions - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.24 October 2007
News from the CCCs - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.24 October 2007
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.24 October 2007
CCC court case hearing postponed to September 24, 2007 September 2007
Make it clear that labour rights organisations will not be silenced September 2007
Public Eye Awards 2008 August 2007
Take action to free Chinese labour activists June 2007
Action at G-star in Amsterdam June 2007
Clean Clothes Campaign summoned to Indian court in alleged defamation case June 2007
Indian supplier of Euro/US Brands Gags Rights Activists February 2007
Indian garment companies try to silence Clean Clothes Campaign February 2007
Reports from the different Clean Clothes Campaigns and projects - November 2006 - February 2007 February 2007
Action on Transparency: Hong Kong and Canada December 2006
Reports from the different Clean Clothes Campaigns and projects - July - November 2006 December 2006
€ 20.12 per month announced as Bangladesh garment workers October 2006
New Resources - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
Urgent Appeals - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
Five Questions Low-Cost Retailers Must Answer - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
The Garment Industry in Turkey - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.21 - Index October 2006
Jo-In: Trying to Make Codes Work - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
2006 World Cup: CCC Demands Justice for Sportswear Workers October 2006
Inside a National CCC: Belgium South - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
Frequently Asked Questions- Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
In Brief - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
News from the CCCs- Clean Clothes newsletter nr.22 October 2006
Chinese activists tour Europe September 2006
Call for nominations 'Public Eye' awards 2007 August 2006
Reports from the different Clean Clothes Campaigns and projects - February - June 2006 June 2006
Actions around the World Cup 2006 June 2006
How far down the subcontracting chain does a company's responsibility go? May 2006
Inside a National CCC: Sweden May 2006
OECD Guidelines: Useful for Workers' Rights? May 2006
Newsletter 21 - Urgent Appeals May 2006
News from the CCCs - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.21 May 2006
Nouvelles du réseau Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) May 2006
What is the BSCI and how does it measure up? May 2006
Asian Garment Producers Expand in Africa May 2006
Expansion de l'industrie textile asiatique en Afrique May 2006
Newsletter 21 - New Resources May 2006
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.21 - Index May 2006
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.21 May 2006
International Action Day for Workers Health & Safety in Bangladesh April 2006
US Brands denounce threats to Barrios, Tehuacan Commission March 2006
Three tragedies hit Bangladesh factories in one week, leaving scores dead, wounded February 2006
Country reports February 2006
Bangladesh garment workers tour Europe to press demands February 2006
Clean Clothes national campaigns and projects, June - October 2005 January 2006
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.20 December 2005
CCC Lottery Tickets - Prizes to Be Won! December 2005
Worker Tour in Germany Highlights Tchibo Practices December 2005
Creative Campaigning in Sweden December 2005
Stakeholder Meetings on Codes December 2005
What is a living wage? December 2005
Inside a National CCC: Austria December 2005
Purchasing Practices Can Undermine Workers' Rights December 2005
Putting Rights Violations on the Public Agenda in South East Europe December 2005
Sportswear Worker Campaigns: December 2005
Country Profile: Tunisia December 2005
Spectrum-Shahriyar: Six Months After the Fatal Factory Collapse December 2005
Workers Reinstated at PT Sarasa Balaraja December 2005
Two Years on PT Busana Prima Global Workers Still Seeking Jobs December 2005
Workers from Four Continents Sue Wal-Mart in US December 2005
New Resources December 2005
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.20 - Index December 2005
Spectrum disaster - Six months after the collapse October 2005
Pakistan:Urgent Solidarity Needed October 2005
Action needed for Guatemalan activist imprisoned in US September 2005
Guatemalan Union Organizer Released from Detention September 2005
Action request: Write companies sourcing at collapsed factory August 2005
SHAHRIYAR UPDATE # 6 - Outstanding issues remain July 2005
Clean Clothes national campaigns and projects, February - July 2005 July 2005
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.19 July 2005
French CCC Pressures Retailers July 2005
Tchibo Campaign Continues in Germany July 2005
Pilot Project with Hess Natur July 2005
Wal-Mart the Worst July 2005
Frequently Asked Questions July 2005
The Global Garment Industry and the Informal Economy July 2005
Campaigning: Inform about Informal July 2005
Complaint Mechanisms Explained July 2005
Filing Complaints with the MSIs July 2005
Clean Clothes Communities: Focus on Work Wear July 2005
Still Seeking Fair Play The Olympics campaign moves on July 2005
Bangladesh Workers Buried Alive July 2005
"Message in a Bottle" to North Sails, Sri Lanka July 2005
Landmark Court Decision for Chinese Workers July 2005
The Clean Clothes Urgent Appeals System July 2005
PT Tae Hwa Closed Without Notice July 2005
Nike Responds over MSP Sportswear, Thailand July 2005
New Resources July 2005
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.19 - Index July 2005
List of companies reportedly sourcing at the Spectrum-Shahriyar factory in Bangladesh July 2005
Spectrum clients visit Bangladesh June 2005
Spectrum disaster - Workers increasingly desperate June 2005
Interviews with workers, survivors and relatives of workers who died in the Spectrum-Shahriyar disaster. June 2005
Spectrum disaster update: Protests continue as companies still fail to help their workers May 2005
Spectrum disaster - New info & demands April 2005
Major European companies sourcing at collapsed Bangladesh factory April 2005
Actions in Asia, Europe, North America Mark Spectrum April 2005
Factory collapsed - Bangladeshi Garment Workers Buried Alive April 2005
Country reports of the Clean Clothes Campaigns - October 2004 - February 2005 March 2005
Wal-Mart Wins "Public Eye Award" For Irresponsible Corporate Behaviour February 2005
Families of workers killed making European sweaters still awaiting compensation January 2005
Release and Sentence Reductions for Stella Shoe Factory Workers in China January 2005
Release and sentence reductions for Stella shoe factory workers in China January 2005
Country reports of the Clean Clothes Campaigns - February-October 2004 December 2004
The Public Eye on Davos Awards October 2004
Outcome of OECD complaint case of German Clean Clothes Campaign against adidas disappointing September 2004
Country reports of the Clean Clothes Campaigns - November 2003 - February 2004 March 2004
Dignity Return - a 'sweat-free' garment operation in Thailand January 2004
Experiences in Organising Garment Workers January 2004
Saipan Sweatshop Lawsuit Ends with Important Ga January 2004
The Saipan workers' lawsuit - an overvieuw January 2004
International CCC workers' tour December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - Thailand - Bed & Bath Workers Receive Compensation and Start Cooperative December 2003
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.17 December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - What are CCC urgent appeals? December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - Jaqalanka workers win their fight for union recognition December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - Victory for Gina Form workers December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - The "Fashion Files" visits Sri Lanka December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - International Action Day for North Sails Lanka workers December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - Shree Jee Fire follow-up Some progress... December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - CCC Action for PT Kahatex Sweater December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - SUPPORT for Indonesian Workers December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - Thailand - Bed & Bath Workers Recei December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - The Spanish Clean Clothes Ca December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - Austria - Hundreds Run Marath December 2003
CCC-Newsletter - Austria - Hundreds Run Marath December 2003
CCC-Newsletter -Clean Clothes Communities in Europe December 2003
CCC-Newsletter -Garment Factory Owner Convicted of Human Trafficking December 2003
CCC-Newsletter -MACEDONIA - Advocacy Group Hel December 2003
CCC-Newsletter -Results of the Monitoring of Chinese Garment Suppliers December 2003
CCC-Newsletter -Pricing in the Global Garment Industry December 2003
CCC-Newsletter -New resources December 2003
CCC-Newsletter -Settlement Reached: Kasky v. Nike Case December 2003
Thai government Asked to Ensure Rights November 2003
Seminar on organising garment workers at the World Social Forum October 2003
Country reports of the Clean Clothes Campaigns - June - October 2003 October 2003
Country reports of the European CCCs - March to June 2003 September 2003
Swiss companies stopped their imports from Burma August 2003
New U.N. Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with regard to Human Rights August 2003
Labour activist Tian released June 2003
Exposing exploitation of female textile workers in Macedonia May 2003
Book from Asia-Pacific Labour Law Review: Workers' rights for the new century. May 2003
Activists two years in prison under Malaysian Internal Security Act (ISA) April 2003
News on Codes, Monitoring, and Verification February 2003
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.16 February 2003
Campaigners Take Action During 2002 World Cup February 2003
St. Nicholas visits FIFA headquarters February 2003
FIFA Tolerates Massive Violations of Labor Rights February 2003
Making Footballs in China February 2003
Taiwanese Suppliers: Supporting the Big Brands February 2003
Question: What's Gucci's Dirty Secret? February 2003
Question: What's Gucci's Dirty Secret? February 2003
Landmark Workers' Rights Lawsuit Settled February 2003
CCC Task Force in India February 2003
Producing Dirty Shirts February 2003
Indian Workers Killed in Factory Fire Producing for UK Brands February 2003
OECD Guidelines Case Against adidas Settled February 2003
Using the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises February 2003
MADE IN TURKEY February 2003
Manual for Research on Homeworkers February 2003
Research underway February 2003
New Report Documents Working Conditions in Southern Africa February 2003
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.16 - Index February 2003
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.17 - Index February 2003
Lawsuits and Legislation February 2003
Workshop on Conceptual orientation to Clean Clothes Campaign- Tamil Nadu, India January 2003
Davos conference participants condemn rights violations January 2003
Outcome of OECD Complaint on Adidas December 2002
Censorship in Spain October 2002
Demonstration for fair wage & fair Trade, Bangladesh October 2002
Urgent Appeal: Release Political Prisoners Under ISA in Malaysia! September 2002
new publications and resources August 2002
Demonstration in Amsterdam against corporate influence on the World summit in Johannesburg August 2002
UNITE files complaint with the OECD, charging Bryland Inc. and Pinault-Printemps-Redoute with violations of guidelines July 2002
From code to compliance June 2002
Codes - Monitoring and Verification - Why The Clean Clothes Campaign is Involved June 2002
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.15 June 2002
Good news in Saipan workers' lawsuit June 2002
Triumph Closes Factory in Burma! June 2002
Standards in the Bulgarian Garment Industry June 2002
Olympic Torchbearers Uniforms Made in Burma June 2002
Inside the Garment Industry in Swaziland June 2002
Garment Workers Are Also Victims of September 11 June 2002
The Clean Clothes Campaign continues to call for a living wage June 2002
Report from the Swiss Clean Clothes Campaign Monitoring & Verification Project June 2002
Research on labor conditions in supply chains of Vendex KBB June 2002
Sri Lanka: Organizing in the Free Trade Zone June 2002
Report from the German Clean Clothes Campaign June 2002
German Roundtable on Codes of Conduct June 2002
Struggle Itself Was Victory For Ladybird Workers in Thailand June 2002
Report on Indonesian Nike and Adidas Workers - We Are Not Machines June 2002
Research on Amsterdam's workwear purchasing policy June 2002
What is a Clean Clothes Community? June 2002
Go Naked: UK Activist Demands that Gap Clean up their Act June 2002
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.15 June 2002
Seminar - Internationally binding legislation and litigation for the enforcement of labour rights June 2002
CCC statement - FIFA Tolerates Massive Violations of Labour Rights May 2002
Country reports of the European CCCs - April to June 2002 April 2002
Support Malaysian hunger strikers April 2002
Hunger strike in Malaysia ends April 2002
Country reports of the European CCCs - Nov 2001- April 2002 April 2002
Country reports of the European CCCs - June to November 2002 April 2002
Country reports of the European CCCs - June to November 2002 April 2002
Sign on to letter to IOC regarding Burma February 2002
Protest against uniforms (made in Burma) of Olympic torch bearers February 2002
Beyond voluntarism: Human rights and the developing international legal obligations of companies February 2002
International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers' Federation presents Choi Shin case to OECD Korean National Contact Point February 2002
CCC Press release - A triumph for human rights!! January 2002
Reaction from the Clean Clothes Campaign to the European Commission Green Paper December 2001
Country reports of the European CCCs - June-Nov 2001, November 2001
CCC Taskforce established in Tamil Nadu, India November 2001
Bulgarian workshop on Clean Clothes October 2001
Saipan workers' class action lawsuit will proceed to trial October 2001
Unraveling the MultiFibre Agreement (MFA) October 2001
CCC-Spain buys shares in INDITEX September 2001
New international campaign -Campaign for Global Justice for Garment Workers August 2001
Garment workers die in Bangladeshi fire alarm August 2001
Angels on the Street July 2001
Fire in Bengal garment factory, kills 53 July 2001
Greetings from Barcelona July 2001
Beware of Mickey July 2001
Inside Roska's Cooperative July 2001
A Victory in Nicaragua! July 2001
Ethical policies of Dutch retailers July 2001
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr.14 July 2001
The European Parliament Hearing July 2001
Clean Clothes Campaign report from France July 2001
News from the German Clean Clothes Campaign July 2001
What's Good and Bad About the Global Alliance Report? July 2001
Making invisible work visible July 2001
In Solidarity with garment workers around the world July 2001
Clean Clothes legal working group kicking off! July 2001
Producing Garments in Lesotho July 2001
What's Going on With Codes of Conduct? July 2001
Clean Clothes reading List July 2001
Clean Clothes Campaigning in Spain July 2001
Manchester Workshop on International Subcontracting Chains July 2001
Zimbabwe - The harvest of an urgent appeal letter July 2001
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.14 July 2001
Country reports of the European CCCs January-June 2001 June 2001
Bras on Fire June 2001
Update on progress towards EU standards for European enterprises operating in developing countries April 2001
Conclusions of the evaluation of 10 years CCC March 2001
Strike at PT Citra Abadi Sejati January 2001
US customs stops goods produced in Mongolia January 2001
Evaluating the CCC - Clean Clothes Campaign Discussion Paper January 2001
Action now concerning factory fire Bangladesh December 2000
No Freedom of Association for Bangladesh's EPZ Workers December 2000
45 dead in Bangladesh garment factory fire November 2000
News from the Austrian Clean Clothes Campaign November 2000
Using Codes of Conduct: Some background for the CCC strategy debate November 2000
Using Codes of Conduct: Some background for the CCC strategy debate November 2000
Report from Cambodia November 2000
Campaigning into the future November 2000
Using Codes of Conduct: Some November 2000
The CCC Euro2000 campaign November 2000
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter November 2000
Labour Rights in Indonesia: What is Menstruation Leave? November 2000
North American Students Organizing Against Sweatshops November 2000
Research into Nike's Global Alliance assessment study November 2000
Nike - Just Sign the Australian Homeworkers Code of Practice! November 2000
Clean Clothes Reading List November 2000
SAI: A New Name for CEPAA November 2000
Victory for Los Angeles sweatshop workers! November 2000
Visit to Thailand - Clean Clothes Campaign November 2000
Real Wages November 2000
What is the WFSGI? November 2000
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.13 November 2000
Country Reports of the CCC's, June-November 2000 November 2000
ILO on Labour Practices in the Footwear, Leath October 2000
Strike in garments sector after fire, Bangladesh September 2000
Global labour report denounces repression September 2000
Successful Strike Action in Dhaka September 2000
12 dead in Bangladesh garment factory fire August 2000
U.S. Retailers Increase Use of Sweatshops in Burma as Imports Soar June 2000
Ongoing Labour Dispute in Cambodia June 2000
Reports of the activities of the different European CCC's between january2000 and June 2000 June 2000
David vs Goliath NIKE in COURT in Australia June 2000
Lawsuit Accuses New York's Donna Karan of Running Sweatshops June 2000
Canada: Homeworkers' Class Action Lawsuit June 2000
Clean CLothes newsletter nr.12 May 2000
Adidas ends negotiations in El Salvador May 2000
Austria Clean Clothes Report May 2000
Are Bulgarian workers undressed by sportgiants? May 2000
Editorial of the Clean Clothes newsletter nr 12 May 2000
CCC Projects on Independent Verification May 2000
IRENE/Clean Clothes Campaign Seminar: May 2000
Clean Clothes actions in Spain May 2000
Organising along international subcontracting chains May 2000
Sweden Clean Clothes report May 2000
Switzerland No. 1 retailer accepts entire ccc-code May 2000
Information on the The Clean Clothes Communities May 2000
Eight More U.S. Retailers Settle Saipan Sweatshop Suit March 2000
Spanish action against Nike February 2000
Reports of the activities of the different European CCC's between september 1999 and january 2000 January 2000
Cambodian Labour Court update January 2000
American Apparel November 1999
Dignity Returns November 1999
Edun November 1999
Kuyichi November 1999
No Sweat November 1999
red November 1999
After ten days of campaigning: Benetton backed down October 1999
Sunday Times - Production in Eastern E September 1999
Nike and the Homeworker's Code of Practice in Australia August 1999
Hong Kong Disney Actions August 1999
Businessweek - It's Europe's Turn to Sweat about Sweatshops July 1999
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.11 July 1999
Editorial - Clean Clothes newsletter nr11 July 1999
Italian Campaign Pushes for Legislation July 1999
First-ever Lawsuits Filed Charging Sweatshop Con January 1999
International Forum on Clean Clothes Brings N August 1998
Levi Strauss: Marked by Paradoxes August 1998
Nike - A Code of Conduct which has Improved...on paper August 1998
International Workshop on Independent Monitoring of Codes of August 1998
Batay Ouvriye about the International Forum August 1998
News from the German Clean Clothes Campaign August 1998
Spanish Clean Clothes Campaign in Action August 1998
What the Swedes did after the International Forum August 1998
CCC newsletter 10 - editorial August 1998
CCC newsletter nr. 10 August 1998
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.9 March 1998
Clean Clothes newsletter nr.8 September 1997

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