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At the beginning of 2008, Clean Clothes Campaign and India Committee of the Netherlands (CCC and ICN), and Fiber & Fabrics International along with its subsidiary Jeans Knit Private Limited (FFI/JKPL), have resolved their differences as to labour conditions at the Indian clothing production facilities of FFI/JKPL.

In consultation with local organisations and unions in Bangalore, an Ombudsperson in Bangalore will be appointed to resolve future problems. Should employees, local organisations, CCC or ICN have any complaints concerning labour conditions, they can submit these to the Ombudsperson, who will attempt to resolve them. Employees will be free to organise themselves in a union of their choice. On the basis of this agreement, CCC and ICN are confident that any violations of labour rights will be reported in a timely fashion and will be resolved in a correct manner. Parties therefore no longer require the courts to provide judgement on the difference of opinion as to the allegations put forward by local Indian organisations, and disputed by FFI/JKPL, as to events lying in the past (2005/2006). Therefore, the Indian company withdraws all legal proceedings, and CCC and ICN bring to an end all campaigns against FFI/JKPL and the Dutch jeans brand G-Star. CCC and ICN applaud the fact that G-Star, as the most important former client of FFI/JKPL restores their commercial relationship with FFI/JKPL."

Press release of Minister of State and former prime-minister of the Netherlands, Ruud Lubbers, who has since mid December 2007 led the mediation process. Read it here >> | For more information on FFI see: www.fibresnfabrics.com

The reports in these archives have, according to some local organisations from Bangalore, been based on interviews with employees of FFI/JKPL in 2005/2006. Mid 2006 it seemed that most complaints concerning labour conditions at the FFI/JKLP production facility were resolved. Below reports therefore do not provide insight into the current situation at FFI/JKPL, but, together with the remaining information in this section of the archives, form a part of the past. At approximately the same time as the report came out containing positive news as to labour conditions at FFI/JKPL, the Indian company commenced libel/defamation proceedings against local organisations. CCC and ICN took the position that corporate social responsibility requires a free and open dialogue with local stakeholders as well as external organisations that do not represent employees of the relevant production facility. CCC and ICN argued that the libel/defamation proceedings hindered the freedom of speech and the freedom of association. Many other ngo's and unions rallied to their side. Upon withdrawal of the libel/defamation (and other) proceedings and the appointment of the ombudsman, as set out above, the situation was normalised and parties were able to proceed with the order of the day. CCC shall regularly publicise a report of the ombudsman in this archives section.Chronological/Historical overview of events: The Clean Clothes Campaign has no say nor responsibility over the content ofwebpages and documents which are not hosted by the Clean Clothes Campaign



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