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Labels Primark and Mango found after factory collapse Bangladesh

Labour Rights groups mourn senseless loss of life

The Clean Clothes Campaign, along with trade unions and labour rights organisations in Bangladesh and around the world is calling for immediate action from international brands following today's collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Savar, in Dhaka Bangladesh

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European activists detained by Cambodian police at garment protest

Union members from E-garment factory beaten by thugs

Police detained five activists from the Clean Clothes Campaign last Tuesday who were meeting workers at a protest outside a clothing factory near Phnom Penh. The workers were on strike because 41 workers had been illegally dismissed for unionizing.

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Spectrum collapse: eight years on and still little action on safety

April 11 marks the eighth anniversary of the tragic collapse of the Spectrum garment factory. In 2005 the illegally built extra floors within the building collapsed, killing 64 workers and injuring 80 others. The traged

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Campaigners urge fashion brands to support minimum wage increase


Cambodian garment workers union calls for $150 monthly minimum wage.

As negotiations begin in Cambodia between trade unions, the government and industry officials, consumers and activists across Europe have been mobilising on the streets and on social media

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