Report: Tailored Wages 2019

The state of pay in the global garment industry

The Tailored Wages report analyses responses from 20 top clothing brands about their progress in implementing a living wage for the workers who produce their clothes. It found that whilst 85% of brands had some commitment to ensuring wages were enough to support workers’ basic needs, no major clothing brand is able to show that any workers making their clothing in Asia, Africa, Central America or Eastern Europe are paid enough to escape the poverty trap.

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Published June 2019.

How the brands did

Of the 20 companies surveyed, 19 received the lowest possible grade in the report. This means that they produced no evidence that any worker making their clothes was paid a living wage anywhere in the world. These companies are: Adidas, Amazon, C&A, Decathlon, Fast Retailing, Fruit of the Loom, GAP, G-Star RAW, H&M, Hugo Boss, Inditex, Levi Strauss & Co., Nike, Primark, Puma, PVH, Tchibo, Under Armour, and Zalando. The exception was Gucci, which was able to show that, for a small proportion of its production in Italy, national wage negotiations mean a family can live on a wage paid in some areas in the South and Central regions.​

What the brands said

We have published the responses to the survey that brands sent to us. You can read them in full by downloading this PDF >>