Sexual Advancements, Lack of grievance redressal system and Retaliation is a common form of violence against women at garment factories.


Physical abuse, ignorance, denial of health rights are common form of violence against women garment at factories.


'You deserve to be raped, so you know what the suffer is' these are the kind of languages women garment workers and women union leaders in the factories encounter from their employers. High production target, no break for lunch/rest/pray....the violence continues.


"Meet the production target or you will be 🔥- ed"!!
Violence continues in work place against women....


"Either meet the production target or leave the job" is one of the Gender Based Violence incidents from H&M factories!!! 

transportZarina's dream: safe transport (Pakistan)

For many workers the journey to and from work is hazardous.  Some have to pay a significant amount of their monthly wage to travel by local transport whilst others are able to use transport provided by their employers.  However even this provided transport does not always guarantee safety.  Zarina was working in a factory in Lahore when she travelled home late at night after overtime on the transport provided by the factory. “I along with other 6 women workers were kidnapped while going back home, the kidnapers took us to a construction site and we were raped by six people and thrown back in the wagon.”    [From Women Worker's Worldwide research for CCC]

savingsPhalla’s dream: Saving for her own atelier (Cambodia)

Phalla earns US$120 a month including overtime, she supports her family including her parents who are sick and also has health problems of her own.
Phalla's dream is to save enough money to go to school and open her own atelier, but she says saving money as a garment worker is impossible. “I can never save any money,” she said. “If I did, my parents would die and I would too.”

*Testimonies gathered through Clean Clothes Campaign & partners research in 2013     

** research from 2008