What does the CCC do?

published 17-01-2013 13:45, last modified 25-04-2013 11:29
We work by putting pressure on companies, provide support in urgent cases of violations, raise the public awareness and explore legal options for improving working conditions.

The Clean Clothes Campaign focuses on four main activities:

  • Putting pressure on companies to take responsibility to make sure that their garments are produced in decent working conditions;
  • Providing solidarity support in urgent cases of labour and human rights violations;
  • Raising public awareness about working conditions in the garment and sportswear industry and mobilising consumers to push for change;
  • Exploring legal possibilities and lobbying for legislation to promote good working conditions and to compel governments and companies to become ethical consumers.

We carry out these diverse activities on the basis of a clear set of principles. For example, the CCC believes that workers can best assess their needs and the risks they take when asserting their rights. Public campaigns and other initiatives to take action in cases of rights violations and the development of strategies to address these issues must be done in consultation with workers or their representatives.