Has the CCC been successful in helping to improve working conditions?

published 17-01-2013 13:45, last modified 25-04-2013 14:31
Yes. Each year, the CCC receives dozens of requests from partner organisations and workers seeking solidarity support in cases of labour and human rights violations. Many of these are won, by the combined efforts of the workers, the CCC and others, and you!


The CCC has taken up more than 250 cases. With the power of international solidarity action, many cases have been resolved and workers’ rights have been realised: health and safety conditions have improved; dismissed workers have been reinstated; unions have received recognition; labour activists have been released from prison.

Some companies have responded to CCC campaigning by adopting codes of conduct and drafting policies on corporate responsibility. Although these efforts often fall short of what is needed to guarantee respect for labour rights, we consider it an important first step in the process of abolishing sweatshop conditions. It is our aim to hold these companies accountable for the promises they have made.