Shouldn't governments be responsible for regulating working conditions?

published 17-01-2013 13:55, last modified 25-04-2013 14:40
In principle, yes. But in practice this approach would not be enough: governments in many cases are weak, and even if they want to, they are dependant on economic constraints.

Yes, all governments have a responsibility to protect the rights of workers, and to regulate companies and foreign investment.

Many garment workers, however, live in countries where trade unions are banned, labour laws are not enforced and corruption is rampant.

The Clean Clothes supports our partners as they lobby for better laws and law enforcement in their countries.

But one government cannot solve the problem alone and a single government's power against large companies is sometimes limited.

Brands, however, have the size, power – and responsibility – to assert tremendous influence on the global garment industry and to ensure that working conditions meet a higher international standard.