German CCC Pushes Merkel on Retailer Rights Violations
Thursday, 01 October 2009 21:46


Sept. 17, Berlin - German CCC activists gathered in front of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office to present her with over a 1,000 protest cards demanding action to ensure respect for the rights of garment workers who produce for German retailers Lidl, Aldi and KiK.

Armed with sewing machines German activists sewed together the cards, gathered throughout the country during recent national campaigning activities. The CCC activists tried to hand over a 400 meter long band of cards signed by people calling for more action to address the violations in German discount retailer supply chains. The German campaigners are pushing Merkel for legislation that will require retailers to ensure respect for workers rights and other social standards at all their suppliers worldwide. While the German Chancellor did not make an appearance and no promises for binding legislation were made, her office did release a statement that they regard it as important to look into the issue. The campaign in Germany is ongoing.

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